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Introduction to Terraform

Basics Terraform is a technology used to create cloud infrastructure from code. It is quickly becoming the industry standard tool and doesn’t have much in the way of competition at this time. Let’s go over some key points: Created and maintained by Hashicorp, known for making great quality tools in the DevOps space Open source…

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Introduction to Jenkins as Code

Codifying Jenkins Introduction to Jenkins Automation has always been important within the Operations/SRE workflow, typically automation is written using tools such as bash/python and required quite a bit of knowledge to understand. There are a few issues with doing automation this way: These tools do not provide a clear way to represent history unless we…

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Getting Started With Terraform & Azure

Terraform is a way of declaratively configuring infrastructure in various cloud platforms. Some benefits are listed below: Solid team behind the project (the same team behind Vagrant/Packer) Integrates well with version control systems Simple and easily readable DSL Clearly defined and straightforward functionality   A example Terraform instruction set could look like this: Use AzureRM…

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