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Bind9 DNS on a Rasberry Pi

Recently I’ve found a need for more consistency in my homelab (no more hostfile hacks) so I decided to repurpose a Raspberry Pi as a DNS server. I could’ve used a virtual machine but that would require me to have my main PC on all the time, or use a VPS which costs money so…

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HAProxy Basic Configuration

In this article I’ll briefly go over the haproxy configuration file, then we will make a simple TCP mode configuration followed by a HTTP configuration. Installation: I’ll be using two virtual machines throughout this tutorial, the specs are as follows: Hostname: loadbalancer-01 OS: CentOS 7.3.1611 IP: SELinux: Permissive Hostname: webserver-01 OS: CentOS 7.3.1611 IP:…

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Introduction: Prometheus

What is it: Prometheus is a monitoring and alerting system, designed for large systems and is highly scalable by its design. It uses the Apache 2.0 license which means it’s free to use in most environments and has its entire source code available on github. Prometheus was created by the team at Soudcloud, the model…

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